WordPress Development

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At SparkPop, WordPress is the primary tool we use to build websites for our clients that are easy to use and easy to find. Whether you have a simple blog or a full-scale ecommerce site, WordPress offers a feature-rich platform that is versatile and functional.

We have found WordPress to be the easiest content management system for clients to update their content and manage the backend. Our clients find WordPress intuitive and easy to navigate, giving them the control to manage their content without technical expertise. In addition, WordPress is designed to work well with search engines, making your site easier to find for your customers.

Web Application Prototypes

Web Prototype

Web Application prototypes help entrepreneurs get high fidelity simulations in front of users and investors quickly and easily. SparkPop meets with product owners to work out requirements and design, but instead of building the app in expensive code, SparkPop created a simulation that provides users a close simulation of the real app. Should user feedback require changes, the prototypes are simple and cheap to edit without racking up developer costs. Prototypes are a great way to test a concept before making a large financial commitment.